Our Projects

Sabre Demolition

Former Caribbean Petroleum


Bayamon, Puerto Rico


$9.4 Million

The petroleum site was composed of various tanks, piping, refinery areas, offices, cooling towers, stacks, acidic water basins, aeration basins, and an asphalt refinery.

Sabre was responsible for demolition and dismantlement of all components located in the demolition area.

Demolition was performed by utilizing hand demolition and conventional means. All tanks, piping, and refinery areas were cleaned of asbestos, contaminated material, and residue, and demolished in a safe and secure manner.

Pipe cleaning was accomplished by using vac-trucks and pigging operations to clean the many miles of pipe that ran throughout the site.  All steel, and concrete was sized, turned over to the owner, and staged onsite for appropriate recycling and reuse.