Subcontractor Management Program

Sabre Demolition

Subcontractor Management Program

While we try to minimize the need to utilize any subcontractors, we acknowledge that they are still part of our team and critical to the overall success of a project.

Sabre utilizes one of our partnering subcontractors as much as possible to help reduce the need for onboarding and new training.  

The subcontractors help us achieve a seamless project team while understanding our strong commitment to safety.  

Prior to utilizing a new subcontractor, Sabre conducts a robust review of their safety statistics, safety culture, and trains subcontractor employees in our Loss Prevention System. 

Subcontractor Safety Questionnaire

II. Safety Statistics
Our contracts require that your company meet certain requirements related to safety achievements. Using your OSHA 300 Log and statements provided by your insurance broker or state fund, please provide the following:

A. Worker's compensation EMR (interstate)
B. Total employee hours worked
C. Total case incidents (cols. 1,2,6,8,9,13)
D. Total lost work day incidents (cols. 3,10)
E. TCIR (C above x 200,000 ÷ B above)
F. TLWDI (D above x 200,000 ÷ B above)
G. Total fatalities (cols. 1,8)
V. Are you prepared to: (Answer the following Y or N)
VI Does your company have written safety programs for: (Answer the following Y or N)