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Sabre Demolition

RCA Dome Implosion


Indianapolis, IN


$6.2 Million

Sabre Demolition Corporation was awarded the RCA Dome Demolition Project located in Indianapolis Indiana.

The landmark million square foot building, with its fabric dome roof and steel supporting cables dazzled the sports fan as well as the engineering community.  

The dome structure, with its multiple levels and ceiling heights of 190 ft, presented many challenges due to the close proximity of the downtown Convention Center and surround buildings.

Sabre partnered with Controlled Demolition (CDI) from Phoenix, Maryland to implode the dome. 

Once the area was completely prepared, CDI began drilling over 1500 holes in the concrete columns per the engineered plan.

The massive building was loaded with over 1000 pounds of explosives and 200 pounds of shape charges.  

Sabre planned and coordinated with local authorities and surrounding business owners for the dome implosion which was completed successfully and without incident.  

The second phase of the demolition project was the removal of the massive amounts of concrete and rubble, including the below grade footings.  

Sabre was faced with a fast pace schedule due to the new construction of the Convention Center addition.

A total of 6,000 loads of concrete, 3,000 tons of steel and 1,000 tons of debris were removed. Sabre completed all phases of demolition and below grade work without an injury.