Our Projects

Sabre Demolition

Gaylord Container Corporation


Antioch, CA


$5 Million

Sabre was contracted for the demolition of the Gaylord Container paper mill in Antioch, CA.

The project was a multi-year project consisting of over 19 work zones, called clusters.  

The buildings and structures were demolished using a combination of 75,000- to 90,000-pound excavators equipped with various attachments that include grapples, concrete pulverizers, hammers, and mechanical shears.

Construction debris, such as brick, concrete and block was segregated from the trash, wood, metals and garbage.

Prior to demolition, utilities were cut and capped at the main coming into the site. Hard fill (i.e., concrete, block, brick, etc.) was sampled and utilized as common fill to backfill low areas onsite.

Onsite material was used as common fill and was tested to verify that the material conforms to site-specific level.  Scrap metal was stockpiled at a designated location, processed, and shipped off-site for scrap recycling.  

The project also consisted of asbestos abatement, lead based paint abatement, miscellaneous waste collection, mechanical demolition of concrete and steel structures, and implosion of a 110’ tall boiler building.  

This was a multi-year and multi-phase project that was completed without an injury.

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